Game Theory
Welcome to a fantasy world of Yggdrasill, Heroes! It's forests are a beautiful place, inhabited by amazing creatures living in peace and harmony. At least, that's how it was until the Demons of the Void invaded this beautiful world.

Solarville is a forested continent surrounded on all sides by the Great Sea. Four nations live here: the Frecoons — the most carefree and free-spirited, the Oredry — the most ambitious, relying on the law in all areas of life, the Lonesy — the wisest and most withdrawn, living in seclusion and the Wartors — used to solve all problems with the sword and axe. Since the beginning of time, nations have lived in a constant state of war between each other. The reason for this has been the struggle for power over all the peoples.

The gods of the Sun and the Moon, Solar and Lunar, were tired of the constant enmity of their offspring and condescended to mere mortals with the intention of ending constant wars between races. They divided all creatures equally and bestowed a Fate upon everyone. One half received Solar's Fate and the other half received Lunar's Fate, passed down through inheritance in every clan.

However, it was not a gratuitous gift, the Gods ordered the balance of power so that the number of beings of each Fate would be equal. Failure to observe this balance entailed global changes in the daylight hours and climate that could end all life in Yggdarsil.

This event later became known as the Descent. After this, peace between the races prevailed all over the continent, which remains to this day. But how long will it last?

When Descent Comes....
The World
Each god has gifted his own descent to the creatures. It changed the course of time and every life in Yggdrasil. The new powers given to the creatures brought peace and order after a long time. Five races came to an agreement and created Solarville, a symbol of unity and progress, a technological city where different cultures and minds can coexist.

Unfortunately, peaceful times did not last long. The evil spirit Ether has come to these lands. And he didn't come alone. The monsters controlled by the Ether are not the only problem civilization has to face. Even among the inhabitants of Yggdrasil there are those who are radicalized and tempted by Ether. They are ready to break the structure of the world with the powers that the Ether gives them.

The gods have made their decision, now it's up to you.

Newly minted heroes have the future of the world in their hands now. They will plunge into the fascinating world of Yggdrasil together or individually.

The game is divided into two stages. Firstly, PvE. You have to explore the world, learn its history and distill the essence, level up your character and deal with the world's problems. The choices you make in the progression can affect character’s value in the market. When your character is prepared, you will have to discover late-game content. Heroes will be trying to get the best items from raids, fight for prizes in the PvP leaderboards and make money on the marketplace.

We are going to gradually lift the veil on the game and keep you informed. Keep an eye on our social networks so you don't miss anything. Stay tuned.

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