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What is Solar Heroes?
Solar Heroes is a play-to-earn blockchain-based MMORPG game centered around NFTs, Staking, and Farming. Built with Unity using the in-house Game Framework, the project offers players an immersive in-game environment with two playable character classes and countless spells, abilities, and environments.
In-game NFTs are obtained via rare monster drops and in-game events. The NFTs in Solar Heroes are not like the typical "collectible card" NFTs, that are so common in crypto today. Instead, they are usable and functional NFTs that can be inserted into the Solar Game Framework and become special in-game items.
Our Mission and Vision
A virtual marketplace is one of the game’s key elements. At the marketplace players may purchase and sell their heroes as well as other in-game products like weapons, rings, necklaces and badges, which will help them to develop their team, contribute to the guild and confront stronger players. It’s worth noting that this marketplace will also be built on the blockchain, and the players will own it. On the website, the same marketplace will be available
Trading ability
Game Theory
Welcome to a fantasy world of Yggdrasill, Heroes! It is a fantasy place inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures — five unique races each with its own philosophy, laws and traditions. The Frecoons, the Oredry, the Lonesy, the Wartors and Stapes.
It is hard to believe that such different creatures, who had to fight for life on the continent, now live in peace and harmony with each other.
Perks Of Owning
a Solar Hero
Players get access to private chatrooms where they can trade, converse and build a new paradigm of governance.
Join us in making NFT history by sculpting the future of the Solar Heroes storyline with your participation and influence.
Special real life-rewards, airdrops and access to a members-only shop with limited edition drops designed in Europe.
The first NFT with built in smart contract deflationary mechanics. Our game will introduce ascension and self sacrifices.
Our $SHERO is an utility token that will power the Solar Heros Game, where holders in fact act as key players of the whole Solar Heroes Ecosystem.
1. Ecosystem Rewards
2. Team
3. Game Development
4. Private Seed
5. Treasury/Advisors and Marketing
6. Exchange Liquidity
7. Private Presale
8. Public Sale
december 2021
january — february 2022
march — april 2022
may — june 2022
Marketing & Promotion
Content building on Medium, Twitter and Instagram
Whitepaper and Game Design Document Release.
The Official Gameplay Trailer
DAO/Community features v1
Each Race Unique Short Stories
Tokenomics Release
Deflationary mechanisms
$SHERO Public IDO Sale
In-house Solar Heroes Marketplace Release
$OLARIS Staking Program
Launch Beta Version for early adopters
Official Release of Solar Heroes
New Races + NFT`s and Gods
PvE Grounds with Bosses
Smart Contract Upgrades
Completed milestones
Launch of Website
Game theory finalized
Whitelist Presale completing
Initial Minting Launch of Frecoons (2000 NFT's Sold)
NFT Listing on two secondary markets
NFT Drop of Next Race Game Character
Subsequent Free NFT Drop for the Christmas
$SHERO Smart Contract Audits
Private release of the Game Alpha-Version for the team
Game Governance voting and starting of DAO transition
Launch of the First Season event with play-to-earn mechanisms
Integration to other blockchain networks
1st Solar Heroes Quarter Online Tournament
The Endgame is to create a single application which players can use to interact with the entire Solar Heroes Ecosystem: marketplace, deflationary mechanism, Social Network, PvE / Adventure mode, Breeding Game Land Gameplay, PvP with ladder and tournaments.
CEO & Co-Founder
CEO & Co-Founder
Content Manager
Community Manager
Game Designer
@lzy gle
Game Designer
By my first, bachelor degree i am an engineer of micro electronics, than (and that’s a strange part) I decided to start career in Marketing as an analyst, then there was an Masters of Management degree, and my last place before I started my own project was an Investment bank as an investment banking associate.
My hobbies are traveling, books, socializing and also movies, I'm a huge fan of cinematography (during my life I watched more than 4.5 thousand movies and more than 300 series (according to imdb). What's interesting, at this stage choosing a favorite genre is quite difficult, although if you think about it fantasy is definitely one of my favorites.
Hi, everyone. As for me, that’s some boring description. I was used to be good at school in math always, so my higher education and career path were partly predetermined. I got my bachelor in economics and finance and then received an offer to be an investment banking analyst. That’s the place, where I met my friend and now partner @Argus / Solar Heroes.
Concerning my hobbies, I’m keen on football, gym and other sports sometimes. Honestly, I’m obsessed with eating some interesting stuff from different cuisines besides sweets and trying to keep up with hip hop music and it’s trends, however, I’m about to prefer 00’s R’nB like Nelly, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo and others.
Hi all! If it is about me, after school I went to get a bachelor's degree in it, but after 2 years I changed my occupation and got a bachelor's degree in business management.
As for my hobbies, all my life I have been dancing, the last 5 years I teach, btw. At the moment it is hip-hop and strip plastique. My favorite artist for many years is Saint JHN, but in the world of music I prefer all genres.
Hi there! My bachelor degree is academic sociology and analytic, as major and marketing as minor. I am into qualitative research, love the spheres, and my main scientific interest is conspisous consumption.
I worked for a research company, as a market analyst, then as a marketing manager in IT sphere, and now I'm here as a marketing/community manager to bring the community the best experience with my dearest Team.
Apart from this, I visit theatres, as I still want to be an actress one day, dance, do handy craft and walk a lot.
As for the music, I love dark and hard, like Type O Negative.
Hi all! I have a Bachelor's and Master's degree in microelectronic apparatus and am a PhD in engineering. I started my career in a major IT company. I have also been involved in various startup applications. By profession I am a systems analyst. But in my free time I can do programming. My hobbies are sports, I like to ride wake-board and wakeserf)
Also really like speed, and fast cars.
Hello everybody! I started programming when I was 13 and still do it. I still love and get inspired by IT.
What about my work - worked in crypto exchange, also in computer vision startup and web design company. Now I am working in bank.
I like sport - gym, rugby, longboard and snowboard, also inspired by serials and standups.
Hello everyone! It's time for me to tell you a little bit about myself. Starting from school, during which we met with Argus, my favorite subjects were computer science and economics, that's why my bachelor's and master's education is a combination of these disciplines, and the program of study that I graduated is called Business Informatics.
However, after I graduated, I realized that more than anything else I wanted to develop games, because games have been my passion since childhood. Fortunately, the education I received helped me realize my dream and now I'm a game designer in a small but profitable company. Apart from games, I have so many other hobbies, so as not to overburden you, I will name the two biggest ones, after games - snowboarding and anime.
Hello everyone! What about me, after school I got my bachelor's in Business Informatics, which gave me a good knowledge in IT and business management. After that, I decided to change my field of work a little bit and got a master's in transmedia production in digital industries, or simply digital producer. Thinking about what to do next I realized that gamedev would be ideal for me. By combining my vast experience in games, IT and media knowledge I want to make great products.
I like to spend my free time actively. Lately I've been playing volleyball a lot. In winter I always go snowboarding, and in summer I enjoy cycling. If I don't do sports, I absorb audiovisual art in all kinds of forms: movies, music and games.
For the Second Official Drop there will be 1500 mintable NFTs of Stapes and 500 of Frecoons available.
The estimated number of spots for WL is 150
WL Pre-Sale is scheduled for 20th December (13:00 UTC)
Public Sale is scheduled for 27th December (18:00 UTC)
We are glad to inform you that now you have a chance to check the rarity of your characters on Rarity Mon service:
White Paper Document
Game Design Document